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Wound Care

Serving the outpatient community and inpatient hospital consultation, the mission of Advanced Wound Care Surgical Consultants is to provide expert care to complex wounds by implementing the most advanced and effective individualized treatment in an efficient and cost effective manner. We implement advanced therapies for healing through a comprehensive approach to avoid loss of limbs, reduce the incidence of recurrence, and return a patient’s life back to normal. Advanced Wound Care Surgical Consultants works closely with board-certified Infectious Disease, Vascular Surgery, and Podiatric Surgery specialists to optimize patient clinical outcomes. In addition, once a wound is healed, we continue prophylactic wound surveillance and prevention education to decrease the incidence of wound recurrence.

Types of Non-Healing Wounds

Diabetic Neuropathic Ulcers

Diabetes is a complicated chronic disease. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (pain, numbness, and/or loss of feeling in the foot) is a complication of diabetes. Although the exact cause of diabetic neuropathy is unknown, several factors may contribute to the disorder. High blood sugar causes chemical changes in the nerves and impairs the nerve’s ability to transmit signals. In addition, there is the potential to damage blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the nerves. A decrease in touch sensation, temperature sensation, and pain perception creates an inability to feel discomfort, often leading to wound formation. Patient education with emphasis on blood sugar control and proper foot care are imperative for prevention.

Venous Insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency occurs when valves become damaged, allowing blood to leak backward. One of the first signs of venous insufficiency is ankle and leg edema. However, the first symptom a patient may become aware of is a persistent non-healing wound. Reducing edema, increasing circulation, and controlling infection are effective in treating non-healing venous wounds. Compression therapy, including wraps and pumps, is a medically recommended treatment to manage and treat the complications associated with chronic venous disease by increasing blood flow while reducing edema.

Arterial Ulcers & Peripheral Arterial Disease

Arteries are blood vessels which carry oxygen-rich blood to the bodily organs. Arterial ulcers occur when there is a lack of blood, indicating a severe reduction or elimination of oxygenated blood flow to the leg or foot that has resulted in tissue death. A major cause includes atherosclerosis, or narrowing of the blood vessels causing decreased blood flow. Risk factors include high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Complications of peripheral arterial disease include wound infection, amputation, and death. The treatment goal is to establish adequate circulation to the affected area since ulcers with a lack of blood supply heal when the blood supply is reestablished.

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers, sometimes called “bed sores” can develop when a person stays in ANY ONE POSITION for a long period of time. The blood flow to the area slows down or stops, causing the skin to die, which causes the pressure ulcer. Pressure ulcers happen when there is a constant “pressure” in an area of skin, usually over pointy bony areas such as the tailbone, heel, or hip. Pressure ulcers can be as simple redness on the top of the skin to as to as life-threatening as an open sore that begins at the bone and breaks through the skin. Prevention is a key component in management, with focus on offloading with frequent turning and positioning as well as optimization of nutritional status.

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