Exilis UltraFemme Newark

The Ultrafemme 360 is non-surgical treatment of a women’s vaginal area. This non-painful procedure first involves internal treatment of the vaginal canal-only 8 minutes, and then externally around the vaginal opening-another 15 minutes. The result is vaginal rejuvenation! It uses radiofrequency heat energy to decrease the diameter of the vaginal opening; collagen is stimulated to result in a more youthful appearance. The labia are raised, lifted and firmed, and lubrication and sensation are improved!

So who is this procedure right for?

Really any one! Our most common patients are women who have had one or multiple childbirths, and complain of intercourse not being the same as it was ‘BC,’ or before children.
Women can often experience problems with incontinence (peeing when you sneeze) following childbirth. Great improvement has been seen with this treatment.
Individuals who feel that the appearance of their intimate area is not what it used to be.

Treatment Protocol:

Three successive treatments are recommended 7-10 days apart. The whole procedure from start to finish is less than an hour. We ask that patients are well hydrated prior to treatment and have a clean bill of health from their gynecologist. Also hydration following treatment is always a good idea.

Post Treatment:

There is no downtime! Some mild redness may occur. Normal activity can be resumed following each treatment. Results may be seen as soon as the first treatment or following the third treatment, and lasting up to a year. Recommendations are for a touch-up treatment once every 6-12 months, as needed.

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