Lip Augmentation Newark

Some people identify the beautiful lip as a lip that is full with well-defined landmarks such as the lip lines (vermillion border) and columns (philtral columns) and the absence of the aging vertical lines.

The factors affecting the appearance of the lip are both genetically controlled (young healthy adult female with “thin” lips) and environmentally controlled from the aging process of volume loss, unprotected sun exposure and in certain individuals, smoking habits.

Treatment options for lip rejuvenation

1. Dermal fillers – Juvederm, Restylane products

Immediate results, no real downtime, depending upon your injector very natural lip rejuvenation results with low risks

4 to 6 months duration, suboptimal outcome in the wrong hands with potential for asymmetry, unwanted lumps and over injected lips, rare occurrence of permanent tissue damage to the lip

# outcome is technique based; look for experienced, board certified injectors who is fully equipped to handle any potential adverse outcome and is trained in both sharp and blunt cannula injection techniques

2. Fat grafts

Look for a board certified Plastic Surgeon trained in fat micrograft technique and SNIF (sharp needle intradermal fat graft) technique

The approach of injecting the fat grafts is similar to dermal fillers.

The fat grafts are harvested from the appropriate donor site and when combined with PRP, will have better graft take and longevity

The SNIF technique utilizes a 23 gauge sharp needle beveled up to treat the vertical lip lines

Same as with dermal fillers with potential to be longer lasting

Same as dermal fillers plus more involved due to harvesting of fat and blood draw

3. BTL Exilis Ultra Tight/Plump

Noninvasive lip rejuvenation with radiofrequency

Multiple treatments (four) 2 weeks apart with longterm maintenance every 3-6 months to help stimulate and rebuild collagen in the lips

4. Sculptra

Can be utilized above and below the upper and lower lips focuses on the fines lines around the mouth and lips

Usually combined when injecting the lower face and jawline