Nose Reshaping- Restylane Rhinoplasty

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Nasal reshaping procedures are one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today. One of the most frequent concerns is the appearance of a nasal hump that many people would like to improve.

The advantage of a surgical rhinoplasty is the permanent results as well as the ability to recontour various aspects of the nasal deformity however there are associated risks of recovery period, anesthesia, small scar and less than desired results that might require revision surgery.

The greatest advantage of nasal reshaping with dermal fillers are:

  1. immediate improvement of nasal deformities although somewhat limited to mild to moderate deformity of nasal hump, wide bridge and lack of nasal tip projection
  2. In office procedure with topical numbing cream; 15 minute procedure
  3. Very safe, controlled and predictable results especially if performed with a blunt microcannula
  4. Best results if performed by a board certified Plastic Surgeon or Facial Plastic Surgeon who is trained in the performance of surgical rhinoplasties
  5. No downtime
  6. Longevity of results vary from 6 to 9 months

Good Candidates for Nose Reshaping with Restylane

Patients who want to change the shapes of their noses without relying on surgical procedures would be good candidates for nose reshaping. Patients must have realistic expectations. Any possibility of an allergic reaction to Restylane can be discussed during the consultation.

Your Consultation

A consultation will help patients understand if non-surgical nose reshaping is a good option for them. They will be asked questions about their aesthetic goals, as well as their medical records and if they have ever undergone any nasal procedures.

Details regarding the nose reshaping process will be explained, as well as what the likely results will be. This is an excellent opportunity for patients to ask questions regarding the treatment.

After Nose Reshaping

Following the injectable nose reshaping session, patients will be provided with post-treatment care instructions. These must be followed closely.

Patients are advised to avoid squeezing or rubbing the area or doing anything that could put pressure on it. Sleeping on one’s back is advised in order to avoid pressing the nose into resistant surfaces.

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