Tattoo Removal Newark

Re-thinking Your Ink?

Could it be you regret that tattoo proclaiming love for an old flame? Or do you feel more “tool” than cool with that faded tribal tattoo? Maybe you’re no longer into that band you had inked on your arm a decade ago? If so, you are not alone. An estimated 20 million Americans have tattoos they now regret.

Fortunately, tattoo removal is no longer a painful and possibly scarring process. Laser tattoo removal at Nouveau with the Alma laser provides results with minimal risks and side effects. Using short micro-pulses targeted on the tattoo ink, the laser disperses the ink into tiny particles which your body then absorbs and eliminates naturally over time. After several weeks you will see your tattoo fading away to reveal clean, clear skin!

Depending on the type of tattoo, your skin type, and other factors, several treatments may be necessary to fully remove the tattoo. Black ink is the easiest to remove and lighter skin types generally have the best results. Numbing cream or lidocaine is used to minimize discomfort during treatments. After-care includes using Neosporin to keep the treated area moist, which will also need to be kept covered until healed.

Tattoos can be beautiful, interesting, expressive, and always seem like a great idea when you get them. But if you are one of the many who has fallen out of love with their ink over time, Nouveau is ready to help. Call today for a consultation with our laser specialist who will examine your tattoo and answer all your questions on treatment and pricing.