Earlobe Reduction/Repair Newark

Earlobe Repair

  • usually not covered under insurance unless earlobe laceration/”tear” is repaired within 24 hours of the injury
  • office based procedure under local anesthesia, less than 20 minutes
  • immediate repiercing can be performed but needs to be discussed at time of the initial consult
  • if immediate re piercing to be performed, bring in a pair of 18 K gold small, light stud earrings
  • both earlobes will be evaluated for symmetry and sometimes the other earlobe may need to be addressed at the same time
  • suture removal at 10 days and earring cannot be changed for for least 6 weeks
  • recommended avoid future use of heavier earrings

Earlobe Reduction

  • as we “age”, the earlobes can also be subjected to the aging process of loss of collagen and elastin support with the result of larger, sagging earlobes with some volume loss
  • earlobe reduction can be performed safely and predictably in the office under local anesthesia
  • meticulous surgical markings placed to design a smaller, natural and more youthful earlobe that eventually could be pierced for future earrings; would wait minimum 6 weeks for piercing with light earrings

Earlobe Rejuvenation

  • as we “age”, the earlobes can be subjected to some volume loss as a result of breakdown of collagen and elastin support resulting in “deflated earlobes”
  • this type of earlobe deformity can be improved with a small amount of dermal filler injection such as Restylane or Juvederm
  • the dermal fillers are compatible with earring usage