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Mini Tummy Tuck Newark

Mini tummy tuck is essentially the same as a regular tummy tuck except for the following

  • shorter incision and thus a shorter scar
  • less lower abdominal skin is removed and therefore, potentially shorter recovery and fewer complications such as seroma (fluid pocket) formation
  • the belly button (umbilicus) is untouched except there may be a subtle downward pull shape change or in the case of an “umbilical float ” technique procedure, the belly button is detached from underneath and repositioned into a lower position in order to achieve a more “smoother” skin closure
  • in a mini tummy tuck, the same benefits of muscle tightening of the “diastasis rectus muscles” and contour liposuction can be delivered as seen with a full tummy tuck

Ideal candidate for mini tummy tuck

  • normal body weight BMI <30
  • bulging abdomen from loose abdominal muscles (“rectus diastasis”)
  • modest excess skin
  • realistic expectations

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