Having long and luscious lashes have always been highly desired. Beautiful lashes make heads turn and can help give you a bold look that will boost your confidence. However, not everyone is blessed with long lashes.

Though there are various makeup products on the market that can help give the lashes a thicker look, the results are not sustainable. To help people with short lashes achieve their desired look, doctors all over the world prescribe Latisse.

An Introduction to Latisse

Latisse is the first FDA-approved treatment for eyelash growth. It is a prescription medicine that helps eyelashes grow longer, thicker, and darker. Users usually start getting noticeable results within a couple of weeks. Full results will take a little longer (usually 14-16 weeks) to surface. For sustainable results, apply Latisse every night before going to bed.

How Latisse Works

Eyelash growth cycle comprises of four phases, anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. It takes around one to two months for an eyelash to grow fully. Once, an eyelash achieves its full length, it goes into a resting phase, after which it falls. The unique formula of Latisse prolongs the growth phase, thereby keeping a tab on the rate at which the eyelashes fall.

Application Method

The process of applying Latisse can be broken down into five steps:

Step-1: Clean your face thoroughly. Make sure there are no traces of makeup products on your skin. If you use contact lenses, remove them.

Step-2: Remove the sterile applicator and place a drop of Latisse on the area close to the tip.

Step-3: Draw the applicator along the skin, onto the area where eyelashes come out of the skin. Avoid applying Latisse to the lower lash line.

Step-4: Use tissue papers to soak the excess solution.

Step-5: Before starting to repeat the process for the opposite eyelid, dispose of the single-use applicator to avoid passing on any infection to the other eyelid. Use a new applicator to repeat the cycle.

Note: Applying Latisse more than once every day won’t accelerate the growth rate. To avoid any kind of waste, apply the solution just once every day.

Ideal Candidates for the Latisse Treatment

An ideal candidate for Latisse is someone who:

• Is unsatisfied with the way their eyelashes look.
• Is not on heart medications
• Does not take antibiotics
• Does not suffer from allergies related to the product.
• Is not suffering from any neurological disorder.
• Is not nursing.
• Does not suffer from eye or skin infections.

Tips For Sustainable Results

• Complete your course of 16 weeks. Do not reduce the frequency or stop applying Latisse after you notice results.
• Always use sterile applicators.
• Make sure your finger does not come in contact with the tip of the bottle or the applicator.
• When applying Latisse, keep a tissue to blot excess fluid handy.

What Makes Latisse Unique?

• Latisse is the first FDA-approved product for eyelash growth.
• Latisse is the only product on the market that contains bimatoprost that is known to promote eyelash growth.
• Latisse is clinically tested to be safe.
• Latisse is the only product on the market that is clinically proven to deliver sustainable results with continued use.

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