There are a great deal of cosmetic surgery options available for those who want to improve their look. If you have problems with loose skin and excess fat in the lower abdominal region, you can benefit from a popular treatment known as panniculectomy.

What Is Panniculectomy?

The word pannus means the presence of excess tissues that hang loose on the lower abdominals. This might mostly be the result of drastic fluctuations in weight or sudden weight loss. The removal of these excess tissues to achieve a contoured appearance is what panniculectomy is all about.

People with stubborn fat deposits in the lower abdomen might notice sagging skin. The problem may become more severe as you age or experience changes in weight. Panniculectomy can help address this problem and be combined with other cosmetic procedures to obtain more substantial results.

The Benefits of Panniculectomy

While there are several procedures available that can help you obtain similar results there are numerous benefits that this one offers, making it quite popular.

Panniculectomy is very effective in cases where the real trouble with obtaining a trim and fit appearance is the presence of loose skin and soft tissues in the lower abdomen. Pannus in the lower abdomen can also result in hygiene issues given the bulky skin folds caused by the flabby tissues. Removing these tissues will help facilitate better hygiene above the genital area.

The excess skin folds might also make it difficult to wear certain styles of clothing. Removing the excess skin can help reduce the circumference of the waist. Such results are pretty difficult to obtain even with vigorous exercise routines and diet plans.

There are different types of panniculectomy techniques as well. Your surgeon will analyze your body and develop a customized plan to get you the look you desire. The level of correction achieved depends on the chosen type of surgery.

When the flab is severe it might have to be corrected as early as possible. Otherwise, there might also be other problems created, such as back pains due to the strain on the spine when there is additional weight in the belly region.

The recovery time required after the procedure is pretty short. You can expect to return to your normal daily activities within one to two weeks after the surgery.

The surgery is quite common these days. So if you find a suitable surgeon with a lot of experience in this area you would be able to obtain very good results in no time. Though the surgery does leave you looking trim and fit, it is not just about the physical appearance. Removing the excess skin flab in lower abdomen can help improve different aspects of your life and make you healthier overall.

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It’s important to feel good about your body. If you’re not happy with your bodily appearance and suffer from excess skin and stubborn fat in the abdominal region, it may be time to consider undergoing a panniculectomy. If you’re interested in learning more about the surgery, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Thornton.