There’s been a lot of controversy regarding Botox over the last few years, and with good reason! Botox and its close cousin Dysport are the only FDA-approved treatments that allow your muscles to relax, smoothing wrinkles and taking years off of your face. With a great deal of publicity, however, comes a great deal of misinformation. Here are three of the most popular myths and the truth about them:

Myth: Botulinum injections are toxic.
The Truth: While it’s true that the name BOTOX comes from its active ingredient – botulinum toxin – the toxin is in such small amounts that it is incapable of spreading outside of the treated area. In fact, according to Dr. Simon Ourian, even Aspirin is even more potentially dangerous than a Botox or Dysport treatment.
Myth: Botox causes undue stress on muscles.
The Truth: Botulinum treatments actually do exactly the opposite – they relax muscles! Our skin wrinkles because facial muscles are unable to relax, even while we’re sleeping. Botulinum injections step in and allow the muscles to relax temporarily, easing the stress and smoothing over the wrinkles.
Myth: Botox and Dysport are addictive.
The Truth: Study after study has shown that Botox is not addicting on a physiological level. This myth emerges from people who return for treatments again and again, even when the purpose has already been accomplished. While it is possible to be dissatisfied enough with your looks that you return for treatments constantly, the treatment itself is not to blame. The solution lies in raising your own self-esteem.