A very insightful article in Allure Magazine discussing the top Plastic Surgery trends in 2019. Here is a summary:

  • Cosmetic injectables are more accessible than ever due to immediate visible results, low downtime, lower costs and lower stigma to getting these treatments
  • Cosmetic treatments more inclusive with more MEN seeking these minimally invasive procedures
  • “Tweak-Ment” is now IN and overfilled lips/faces, disproportionate breast enhancements and exaggerated cosmetic procedures are on the way out. People are looking for subtle, natural and gradual improvements
  • Niche treatments are on the rise with off label use of fillers for Nonsurgical rhinoplasty and earlobe rejuvenation as well as earlobe reductions and upper lip lifts
  • Body contouring continues to rise with more and more noninvasive devices to reduce fat, tighten skin and now build muscle with the recent introductory of EM Sculpt
  • The end of medical tourism with all the complication patients have endured when traveling outside the country to seek “cheaper surgeries” at the expense of complications and in some cases, death
  • Preventative treatments will be big where people will undergo minimal invasive procedures such as “mini” Botox to treat early “motion wrinkles” as well as medical grade skin care produces
  • More patients are seeking cosmetic surgical procedures that can be safely performed in the private office under local anesthesia such a facelifts, blepharoplasty, labioplasty, earlobe rejuvenation, laser liposuction, laser face/neck rejuvenation and much more (this last point was not in the article but of the opinion of Dr Chang based upon his recent observations on what plastic and cosmetic surgeons are doing on both the East Coast and West Coast as well as in between)