Dark circles, drooping eyelids, and puffy eye bags are some of the common problems that many people face as they grow older. Some of these problems are also hereditary. Such problems can often lead to impaired vision or add a gloomy look to your overall appearance. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty is the solution to all of your eyelid problems. It is designed to improve common aesthetic problems associated with the eyes.

An eyelid lift procedure tightens and removes the sagging skin around the eyes, making your eyes look youthful and well rested. The procedure is a simple one, and It is done using local anesthesia. Your surgeon will make small markings to indicate the areas where excess tissue or damaged skin is located. Small incisions are made on the eyelids and fat is removed.

When to Consider Choosing an Eyelid Lift

Knowing when to consider undergoing an eyelid lift procedure can be quite confusing. To make it easier, here are some indications that should give you a general idea of when to consider an eyelid surgery:

• Deep grooves are visible under your eyes
• The upper and lower eyelids appear puffy, making your eyes look aged and tired.
• Presence of excess hanging skin covering the natural fold of your upper eyelid.
• Loose skin drooping down from upper eyelids.
• The upper eyelids are too small, not enough to apply makeup.
• There are bags and dark circles present under the eyes.

Benefits of an Eyelid Lift

By now you know if you are the right candidate for an eyelid lift surgery. If you are one, it is necessary that you know the benefits of this cosmetic procedure as well. Some of the benefits of this surgery includes:

Fewer Fine Lines – The eyelid lift is effective in removing fine lines and wrinkles from around the eye region. As the lids are lifted and tightened, fine lines present in the corners of the eyes vanishes.

Less Eye Bags – The presence of bags under the eye can give an impression of fatigue. A lower eyelid lift removes the excess tissue and skin present below the eye. Through this cosmetic procedure, the appearance of dark circles also diminishes. You get no bags under the eye with the added benefit of no dark circles.

Better Vision – Sagging of the upper eyelids often lead to impaired vision. They create an obstruction in delivering clarity to your vision. Drooping eyelids are a serious concern. An eyelid lift tightens the skin on the upper eyelid by subtly lifting the brow. Your vision can be improved dramatically after the procedure.

Refreshed Appearance – A blepharoplasty is one of the most effective procedures available to give a refreshed appearance. The eyes speak a lot about a person, sometimes you can deliver the wrong message, all because of some drooping tissue and excess skin. As the lids are tightened, skin smoothened, and fine lines reduced, your eyes will regain their original sparkle.

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