Love handles. Belly pooch. Back flab. Do you have stubborn fat that NO diet or workout seems to touch? VANQUISH could be just the solution for you. Non-surgical fat reduction while you relax! It works… no gimmicks here.

Vanquish is an exciting, pain-free, and non-invasive fat reduction technology. Radio frequency waves are used to target fat cells, heating them to the point of destruction without touching or damaging the skin, and allowing the body to then naturally eliminate them. Those fat cells are  gone! Permanently!

With all the weight loss gimmicks out there promising fat loss with minimal to no effort, you might be skeptical. Weight loss is a huge and often disappointing industry. However, Vanquish is one of the few non-invasive fat loss procedures that delivers. And Vanquish works without pain. Without downtime. Without lengthy treatments!

All of this might sound too good to be true, but here are five 5 AMAZING TRUTHS about Vanquish for fat-reduction.

   Vanquish for fat reduction1. Vanquish treatments take under an hour.

   2. Losing fat with Vanquish is relaxing and comfortable!

   3. Minimal risk of any side effects.

   4. Downtime? There is NONE!

   5. Results that will make you SMILE in  4-6 weeks.

Vanquish treats the midsection and abdominal area best, by targeting the subcutaneous fat. Sensors built into the Vanquish device “read” the patient’s body fat and calculate the amount of energy the machine will deliver during each 45-minute treatment. Vanquish offers a 20-25% fat reduction to those stubborn areas that won’t budge no matter how many sit-ups you do.

A comfortable, relaxing procedure, Vanquish is actually performed while you’re lying down! You will feel a generalized warming sensation below the skin. Many of our patients find treatment very relaxing, and some even fall asleep! A course of four to six Vanquish treatments are recommended for optimal results. It is also important to be well-hydrated, and maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine during the treatment cycle to achieve maximum results.

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