Breast Augmentation with Lift Photos - Case #3783

Patient Case #3783

This is an 18-year-old female who after a 40 pound weight loss was unhappy with the size of her breasts. Due to the patients age saline implants were her only option. Saline implants were placed submuscular through an inframammary fold incision. The right breast was filled to 360 cc and the left to 340 cc. This gave her the natural look that she wanted.

Patient Age: 18
Patient Gender: Female
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 118
Implant Wall: smooth
Implant Placement: submuscular
Implant Contents: saline
Implant Size: Right- 360cc Left- 340cc
Implant Shape: round- moderate plus
Breast Incision Type: inframammary fold

Breast Augmentation with Lift
Breast Augmentation with Lift