There are many FDA approved “fillers” on the market today that each have a unique use in improving wrinkles and furrows.  Dermal fillers are delivered by injection to add overall volume to the face and plump up marionette lines, laugh lines or lips.  They have become a very popular way to renew youthful features, and soften lines and wrinkles.

Nouveau Cosmetic Center offers two main types of dermal fillers:

 Hylauronic Acid

You might recognize this type of filler by the names Restylane® for fine lines and Perlane® for deeper lines.  Hylauronic Acid fillers are composed of natural sugar-based substances that bind to water and give the skin a natural plumpness. The sugar molecules attach to each to make smaller and larger size particles to fill finer and deeper wrinkles.  Hylauronic acid fillers are eventually dissolved by the body’s enzymes within 6-12 months.  Restylane has become the most popular wrinkle-filling injectable treatment in the United States. Restylane is used mainly for superficial wrinkles and has almost entirely replaced older collagen treatments.  The postive results after Restylane  injections can last a year or more. Studies have even shown that Restylane can stimulate natural collagen production, an effect that can be even more long-lasting.


Perlane before and after image

lips3 barcopy

Restylane in lips

Poly-L-lactic acid

Poly-L-lactic acid found in Sculptra® injections is a longer-lasting alternative for individuals with more significant volume loss.  Sculptra works within the deep dermis to stimulate the individual’s own natural collagen formation and is usually given in a series of two or three treatments, spaced several weeks apart. The volume improvement can take two or more months to be fully evident.  Clinical studies have demonstrated results lasting up to 2 years!


Sculptra Before and After

Dermal Filler Comparison Chart:


Filler Type Treats: Duration Results:
Restylane Hylauronic acid Nasolabial folds, smile lines, brow lines, lips, beneath the eyes. 6-12 months Immediate
Perlane Hylauronic acid Cheeks, chin, between eyebrows 9-12 months Immediate
Sculptra Poly-L-lactic acid Deep folds between nose and mouth, folds around corners of mouth, volume loss in sunken cheeks/chin,  deep scars Up to 2 years Gradual(Approximately 2 months for initial results. )* 2-3 treatments are needed several  weeks apart.

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