For those who are struggling with stubborn body fat and are reluctant to be sedated during surgery, it’s time to consider SmartLipo. SmartLipo is an FDA-approved form of laser liposuction designed to help break up fatty deposits for easier extraction. This treatment also gives your skin a smooth, firm look by boosting the growth of collagen.

The procedure begins with a numbing agent applied in the incision areas. The patient remains awake and conscious during the entire procedure. The laser energy liquefies fat cells, which significantly eases the removal process.

Immediately after the SmartLipo procedure, the treated areas will be more toned. Increased firming of the skin improves over time and should continue on throughout the first two weeks. The full effect of SmartLipo is typically realized around the six-month mark, leaving you with the figure you desire and the firm skin to match.

To learn more about SmartLipo, contact Dr. Joseph Thornton at our Newark location.