The signs of aging are something none of us ever want to welcome into our lives. Unfortunately, they catch up faster than expected and are visible for everyone to see. These signs appear on the face, arms, and even the neck.

No matter how athletic you are, your neck will also display these unpleasant signs of aging. You might believe that all those exercises you’ve been doing since you turned thirty will prevent the skin on your body from wrinkling, but unfortunately, this is not true.

While exercising and maintaining a healthy diet will help you maintain a healthy body and great skin, no one is exempt from the changes brought on by the progression of time. Constant exposure to the sun and extreme weight loss are other reasons why your neck can become saggy, loose, and appear aged.

Your neck is one of the main areas on your body that signifies your age clearly. In some cases, the wrinkles and creases on your neck may make you appear more than ten years older than you really are. As you grow older, you’ll notice vertical banding, fatty jowls, horizontal creases, and even something many people call a turkey wattle.

If you want to look more youthful and vibrant, it doesn’t help if you ignore your neck and focus primarily on the face. The easiest way to improve your look and shave years off your appearance is to undergo a neck lift. It is a procedure that involves tightening the underlying muscles and skin in the neck. It also enhances the jawline.

Botox injections may also be administered to remove creases and make the neck appear more full. This procedure can be performed with a face lift or liposuction for improved results overall.

Who is Eligible for a Neck Lift?

Candidates who seek neck lift procedures are typically above the age of 40 years. If you have any of the following issues, you might want to seek a consultation with your doctor regarding a neck lift.

• Damaged neck skin due to sun and wind exposure
• Turkey wattle neck comprising loose skin
• Double or triple chin
• Excessive fat or skin under the chin
• Fatty jowls

How is a Neck Lift Procedure Performed?

This procedure is conducted under the administration of general or local anesthesia depending on the targeted tissues and the extensiveness of the procedure. With your unique goals in mind, your surgeon will make small incisions along the chin and behind your ears. Excess fat is extracted through excision or liposuction. The loose skin and muscles are tightened. In some cases, small sections of muscle and skin may be removed to make the neck appear more firm and taut.

Some patients may only require a simple liposuction to remove excess fat deposits from under their chin and neck. A neck lift is often performed along with a face lift, chin lift, or even brow lift procedures.

As all other surgeries, a neck lift can present some amount of side effects such as swelling and discomfort. This will often subside within a short period of time after the procedure. Once the patient has healed completely, they will appear many years younger thanks to their newly sculpted neck.

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