What Is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery, medically known as the Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS), is a unique and detailed technique that doctors use to eliminate skin cancer. This technique is highly recommended for skin cancer reconstruction and requires a skilled surgeon with exceptional attention to detail.

This specialized procedure requires surgeons to cut flat pieces of tissue from the deepest layer of the skin affected with a tumor. These flat pieces of skin are examined by a doctor under a microscope and the surgeon will keep repeating the procedure until no more cancer cells are found under the microscope.

The History And Background Of Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is named after its inventor, Dr. Frederic Mohs, who first described and invented the technique in 1941. Originally, he used fixed stained tissue, and during the initial stages, patients were frequently required to spend more than one day for a successful treatment. Doctors who perform Mohs surgery are specially trained to perform this specialized procedure to deliver the desired results.

What Does Mohs Surgery Treat?

Primarily, Mohs surgery is used for the treatment of recurrent and difficult skin cancers. It is very effective in microscopically tracing out the roots of skin cancers. While doing this, it also preserves the greatest amount of healthy tissue around the tumor. According to several comparative studies, Mohs surgery provides the highest cure rates for skin cancers.

It is extremely important to treat the cancer, but what is also very important is the reconstruction of the affected area. This will be done once the cancer has been totally removed. Your doctor will talk to you about the treatment process and develop a plan on how he can repair the damaged area.

Details of The Procedure

During the surgical procedure, your doctor will examine some sections of the skin which is frozen and dyed especially for treatment purposes. The layers of skin are then examined under the microscope to find traces of cancer cells. In order to treat any residual cancer cells, it is examined through a tumor map and if any cancerous cells are found, it is drawn by the surgeon. If he finds more cancer cells, he will remove the affected tissue. You will be declared cancer free only after he examines each layer of the skin and finds no other trace of cancer cells.

Time Required For Surgery

It is not very easy to predict the amount of time that might be required for surgery and totally depends upon the extent of the cancer. Since the procedure is complex and very detailed, a person can be in the hospital for several days. More than a single level may be required to achieve clearance and it totally depends upon how much cancer there is in the skin.

Recovery times may vary as well and depends on the severity of the cancer. You will need to take some time to rest as much as possible as you heal and should expect a downtime of around two weeks.

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