I first heard about Baby Foot back in March when clients started calling Nouveau asking for it. These people had the timing right – this is definitely a product to that is ideal to use in the early spring, before you’ve already made the transition from boots to flip flops. However, if you are a procrastinator like me, you can still accomplish the peel and have pretty feet before the first day of summer!

Let me start by saying that my feet are really the last thing I think about. I have had a few pedicures in my life, but with three kids, two pets, one husband, two jobs and many hobbies, pretty feet just aren’t my priority. I am one those gals that slaps on a little lotion and a couple coats of polish late at night over a glass of wine and some good Netflix. Anybody out there with me?

I started the Baby Foot kit on a Wednesday evening. The instructions suggest soaking your feet for a half hour before starting, but being the efficiency queen I am… I simply took a long, hot shower and counted that as soaking time. Once I was settled on my bed with a book, I unpackaged the booties and slipped them on. I’ll be honest … this is not the most pleasant feeling in the world. Your feet are immersed into a cold, gooey, Baby Foot “slime” inside a crinkly plastic bag. But, no pain, no gain, so using the tape provided I secured them around my ankles and put my feet up to “relax” for the required hour. Which of course in my case meant getting up twice to do various things around the house. While not recommended, it is possible to walk with these things on. However, they are super slippery and feel even nastier when you are trying to move around with them on. So, if you can… stay put.

Once the hour was up, I slipped off the booties and (gleefully!) rinsed the gel off my feet. That is it. Done! Now to wait for the show to begin. It was about to get real. Real disgusting! And real fascinating!

Based upon what I’d read, I expected to see the peeling start around day four or five, but my feet are clearly over-achievers! On day two, I took off my running shoes and socks to see skin literally hanging off the arches and heels my feet. We are talking giant hunks of skin! Wow! And yep – it was as disgusting as it looks in the pictures. But, there was no itching, pain, or discomfort. When I pulled very gently on the skin it just felt like I was peeling off one of those rubbery face masks we used to use back in the day.

Baby Foot During

48 hours after application of Baby Foot

Baby Foot During

Steady peeling on bottoms of feet for four days

Days 2-4 brought steady shedding of the thick skin on the bottoms of my feet – balls, arches, heels, as well as peeling around and between my toes. The skin on the tips of my toes came off too! By day five, the major peeling had subsided on the bottoms of my feet and was moving up around the sides and to the tops of my toes. This peeling was milder — thinner, flakier skin. I took the liberty of buffing this gently every time I took as shower to move things along. This mild peeling continued for about four more days, eventually ending around the tops of my ankles.

The end result? Pink, soft, and super smooth feet! Maybe not quite “baby” feet – but they look better than they have in many years! The biggest improvement for me was on my little toes, where I had hard, rough calluses from wearing heels. They are completely gone. Happy dance!

Would I do it again? Absolutely! I actually can’t to wait do it again! The Baby Foot peel brings results that no pedicure or foot cream can match, and the peel is as fascinating to experience as it is gross!

Your feet will go from caterpillar to butterfly in a week! Highly recommend!
Baby Foot is available for purchase at Nouveau Medispas in Newark and Hockessin, Delaware!  Check our June specials or call 302-355-1123 for a special deal!