Losing fat. It’s a hot topic year round, but never more so when the frigid winter months start to make way to warmer temperatures. When visions of swimsuits and beach parties begin coming to mind. And let’s face it, most of us have some pockets of fat that simply will not budge no matter how clean our diets or how consistent our workout.  Thankfully, here at Nouveau Medispa, we have two effective, non-invasive treatments to melt, or freeze, away stubborn fat.

Vanquish uses radiofrequency waves that target heat to the problem area. Fairly comfortable procedure that feels similar to a heating pad. The procedure heats stubborn fat cells on the abdomen and sometimes the thighs. The fat cells breakdown, and are slowly eliminated by the body.Vanquish typically requires four treatments a week apart and results are most noticeable after 2-3 months.

Vanquish Before and After

Coolsculpting permanently removes fat by freezing cells with an applicator applied to abdomen, flanks, bra roll or love handle. Great for spongy pockets of fat, Coolsculpting typically requires two sessions, two months apart. There is no downtime, but Advil may be taken for discomfort or inflammation after treatment.

Coolsculpting Before and After

Both Vanquish and Coolsculpting are quite effective, but each is targeted towards different areas and types of fat. To find out if you would be a good candidate for Vanquish or Coolsculpting, schedule a free consultation with one of Nouveau Cosmetic Center’s clinically trained providers in our Newark, Hockessin, or Rehoboth Beach, Delaware locations.