Have you been working out hard, but struggle to get that pesky under-arm flab to go away? If so, then we have good news for you! A surgical procedure called brachioplasty, commonly known as an arm lift, can help you get rid of that annoying loose skin and fat and give your arms a tighter appearance. This procedure is often paired with liposuction to remove excess fat.

An arm lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can reduce the sagging skin along the arms and strengthen the supportive tissue that lies underneath the skin to define the shape of your arm.

The need to opt for an arm lift mostly stems from reasons like growing older, fluctuating weight gain and weight loss, and genetics. It makes it difficult for an individual to tighten their skin, even through daily exercise.

Improving your muscle tone cannot fix the excess skin that has lost its elasticity. Getting an arm lift surgery is the ideal solution, as it can remove all that skin and fat, and give you the defined arms you desire.

Before the Arm Lift Procedure

Like any surgery, an arm lift procedure has a few guidelines to follow before going forward with it. You will be advised to avoid certain medications, smoking, and drinking in the time leading up to the surgery. You will also need to make arrangements with someone close to you help you in the time after the surgery as you may not be able to do certain things on your own.

During the Arm Lift Procedure

– After speaking with you about your needs and specifications, your doctor will mark the areas where he will make the incision.

– The length and pattern of the incisions that will be made under your arm will wholly depend on the amount of excess fat that needs to be removed.

– Your doctor will administer anaesthesia before the procedure goes underway.
– Using the incisions as a guideline, the doctor will tighten the tissue that lies underneath the skin and then secure the skin through small clamps.

– Liposuction, a fat suction technique may also be used to remove any excess fat in the treatment area.

– Long incisions are stitched up using surgical tape and covered up with bandages.

The procedure takes one or two hours to complete, and patients can return home soon after it is completed.


– Your arm will be wrapped in bandages to minimize any minor swelling.

– Small tubes may be placed to drain out any excess blood or fluid.

– An assisting doctor from your plastic surgery team will remove your bandages and may advise you to wear compression sleeves for a few weeks to keep everything in place.

– It will take you four to six weeks to fully recover and return to normal physical activity.

Benefits of an Arm Lift

The arm lift is the ideal solution for people who aren’t happy with the look of their arms. Whether you have excess saggy skin or stubborn fat deposits, this surgery can help you achieve the trim, toned look in your arms that you desire.

As a result of the procedure, you’ll feel more confident showing your arms off and feel free to wear any style of clothing that you like!

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