Losing weight is one of the best ways for patients to improve their body image. For some people, however, there are stubborn areas of fat present around the abdomen that refuse to budge no matter how much exercise they do or dietary restrictions they set for themselves. This can be stressful for patients who struggle to make progress but do not achieve the expected results after putting in the hard work.

CoolSculpting is a simple and painless procedure that can help people get rid of stubborn fat in a matter of minutes. It is a relatively new procedure that is non-surgical and completely safe. This FDA approved procedure is innovative and beneficial to most patients who choose to undergo the treatment.

There are numerous case studies that have proven the effectiveness and safety of the CoolSculpting procedure. When conducted by an experienced professional, the machine can deliver astonishing results.

Am I the Right Candidate?

CoolSculpting is a holistic approach that is available to everyone. There is no surgery involved but general good health is a must. The patient has to be close to their ideal weight before CoolSculpting is done. Weight fluctuations can undo the results of CoolSculpting and might require further procedures to be undertaken.

During a consultation with your doctor, patients are given all the information they need about how the procedure works. After this, the doctor asks questions to analyze where the procedure is actually needed and the specific areas to target. Depending on the patient’s preferences, the doctor will offer customized treatment plans for effective treatment.

How Does it Work?

CoolSculpting is done with a machine that is controlled by a licensed technician. The procedure works by targeting specific fat cells under the skin using controlled cooling. The skin is not affected by this procedure. Once the fat cells are frozen, they automatically dissolve over the course of a few weeks, leaving only healthy cells behind.

The dissolved fat cells are excreted normally through the digestive system. Most CoolSculpting machines have built in safety measurements that ensure that the patient’s skin remains at optimal temperatures throughout the freezing process.

During the first few minutes, patients will feel cold but that feeling eventually subsides. Patients also feel like their skin is being pulled as it is gently sucked into the applicator cup. It is a comfortable procedure that gives patients the ability to multitask while the machine does the work.

It is important to remember that the fat cells in untreated areas will remain the same. Patients must also maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle after the procedure to ensure that the weight is not gained back. There is no recovery time for this procedure at all.


After the procedure, patients will begin to see changes over time. Right after the procedure, not much change is visible as the fat is yet to dissolve. The results of the procedure can be permanent if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patients might see redness or experience numbness for a few hours after the procedure. Sometimes, multiple procedures need to be performed before the desired results are achieved.

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