Liposuction Photos - Case #2069

Patient Case #2069

This is a 34-year-old female who after large gains during two pregnancies was unable to bring her body back to her pre-pregnancy state. She had a large amount of stretch marks and unwanted skin. After getting an abdominoplasty and liposuction she was able to feel more confident about herself.

“With my first pregnancy I gained 75 pounds which stretched my skin beyond repair. I had stretch marks that looked like a tiger clawed his way up my stomach. I did loose most of the weight which left unwanted skin. A lot of unwanted skin. Then it happened again with the second pregnancy I gained 79 pounds, but this time the weight didn’t come off. I exercised and exercised and there was nothing I could do. That’s why I met Dr. Chang he changed the way I felt about myself. I can now wear things that I couldn’t before. I’m not squeezing my fat into Spanx (everyone’s nightmare). I am completely happy with my results. Thank you so much Dr. Chang and staff I love it!”